Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming includes measures and efforts gaming service providers undertake to protect players from the potential negative consequences of excessive gaming so that gaming remains an entertaining social experience.

Accordingly, responsible gaming issues do not operate in isolation, and must reflect in its corporate processes.

NOVOMATIC is dedicated to responsible gaming awareness, which it    recognizes explicitly in the Group’s “Responsible Gaming Code”. NOVOMATIC is certain business success is possible through   strict regulatory measures including player protection.


Gaming is subject to particular social responsibility including a strong focus on encouraging responsible gaming behaviour throughout the business.

Games and gaming have been always an essential element of any culture.  People do not only associate gaming with fun and entertainment, but also with excitement and challenge. NOVOMATIC has established itself as a premium producer of gaming equipment and combines entertaining leisure activities with state-of-the-art technology.

Nevertheless, gaming, in certain circumstances, can involve considerable risk for people. NOVOMATIC recognizes these risks and takes on its particular social responsibility by implementing a comprehensive responsible gaming program, which it developed in collaboration with renowned addiction research experts providing a solid foundation for sustainable gaming company development.


Prevention is the best protection for players

For NOVOMATIC, the main challenge is to design all responsible gaming processes in a way that ensures prevention measures live up to the expectation of “avoiding problems through anticipation.”

As one of the largest integrated gaming groups in the world, a producer of high-tech gaming equipment, and an operator of gaming facilities with activities exclusively in regulated markets, NOVOMATIC have the unique possibility to apply a scrupulous responsible gaming attitude along the entire value chain.

Action program

NOVOMATIC’s responsible gaming program focuses on early detection and subsequently the prevention of gaming addiction. This includes the following focal points:

  • Consciousness-raising: Extensive training as well as the Responsible Gaming Code that sensitizes every organizational member of the Group. .
  • Information: NOVOMATIC bolsters actively personal responsibility awareness of its guests by passing on corresponding information. If a guest visits an operation for the first time, he or she will be handed information brochures - “Tips on a responsible approach to gaming” as well as “Help and support”. NOVOMATIC supports responsible gaming passively too by making information readily available to players, both online and on- site.
  • Communication: NOVOMATIC’s specially trained employees support guests by reflecting on guest gaming behaviour.
  • Immediate help: Helpline (0800 - 205 242) – the Department for Addiction Research and Treatment at the Medical University / General Hospital of Vienna ensures professional support concerning gaming problems.
  • Counselling and prevention networks for  gaming addiction avoidance: NOVOMATIC has collaborated  successfully with regional and charitable self-help groups, for instance  well-established, expert institutions in this specific arena - the Ambulante Behandlungseinrichtung Spielsuchthilfe Vienna support group for gaming addiction), the Gamers Anonymous associations of Lower Austria and Salzburg, the helpline for gamers in Styria, therapeutic institutions, such as the Anton Proksch Institute as well as  research institutions including s the Medical University of Vienna.
  • Exchange of experiences: The annual Responsible Gaming Symposium has been held annually since 2009. At this event, national and international experts present current developments, insights and trends on the subject of gaming addiction, and corresponding prevention measures. The target groups of these events are the specially trained employees and executives within the company as well as external experts from the area of addiction research and therapy.

Controlled gaming through innovative systems

NOVOMATIC not only proves its innovative strength as a manufacturer of state-of-the-art gaming machines but also sets new standards in the area of player protection. The ADMIRAL™ traffic light system, which was developed on the basis of the NOVOCARD™ traffic light system in accordance with new state legislative provisions in Austria, offers the perfect technological conditions for the protection of players, particularly minors.

The ADMIRAL CARD provides the foundation for this player protection system. This is a personalized player card, which is only valid in combination with an official photo identification. It is activated to allow players to participate in gaming and offers additional protection through a unique PIN code.

This method prevents any anonymous or unauthorized gaming as well as any gaming activities by minors.

The objective of the ADMIRAL traffic light system is to identify players who might be at risk. Guests displaying conspicuous behaviour are informed about the possible dangers of gaming by a team of specially trained employees and receive assistance to control better their playing behaviour.


NOVOMATIC employs competent people and attaches great importance to their training and further education regarding the early detection and prevention of gaming addiction.

The training programs were developed together with external experts specialized on gaming addiction therapy and research.

All employees with contact to visitors are taught the basics about the development of gaming addiction as an illness. In addition to this, the team of prevention representatives undergoes a comprehensive and intensive training program. This program focuses mainly on how to deal with guests who are at risk of developing a gaming addiction and provides suitable communication strategies. The behaviour of our specially trained employees is characterized by attentiveness and appreciation.


The NOVOMATIC Group provides its products and gaming operations exclusively in regu­lated markets with clear regulatory and legal frameworks.

Even if the legal frameworks of the individual, permitted countries vary considerably, the fundamental requirements of the responsible gaming program remain unchanged because the assumption of social responsibility is independent of culture, geography or legal requirements.

As a leading company in the Austrian gaming industry, which is subject to strict gaming regulations applied in Austria, NOVOMATIC is well prepared to make its expertise available to other markets.

As a result, the international standard program includes the following measures:

  • Contact and cooperation with local institutions for player protection and/or research into gaming addiction
  • Training programs aimed at sensitizing the employees with regard to responsible gaming
  • Cross-border exchange of experiences for a continued improvement of player protection standards

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